Responsible Business Practices

The South African National Development Plan (NDP) provides a desired long-term vision for the country and identifies the role different sectors of society need to play in achieving this vision.

People & Society

Past inequalities make South Africa a country with unique challenges and circumstances. We are committed to advancing transformation and empowering previously disadvantaged people.


Netstreet Group’ Environmental Portfolio is helping improve both our own and our clients’ ecological impact, reducing emissions and sustaining the environment.

Transformation & B-BBEE

Netstreet Group is committed to empowering the economically marginalised and the previously disadvantaged. We aim to achieve this by creating a work environment that promotes equal opportunities for all and that reflects the demographics of South African society. We are proud to have achieved a Level 1 B-BBEE status. Our latest B-BBEE ratings can be seen on our certificate.

Our B-BBEE certificate

Corporate Social Investment

As a corporate citizen with so many digital resources at our disposal, we have a social responsibility to help those without the benefit of technology. Our various Corporate Social Investment initiatives are focused on technological development in areas without traditional infrastructure, and aim to assist South Africa in reaching the goal of education for all.

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