IT Solutions

Our team of technical pre-sales consultants can assist you with the entire procurement process and take into account your specific operational and budgetary restrictions to guide you to the most appropriate IT solution.

We supply, install and support a wide range of business technologies to suit organisations of all sizes. Contact us if you require assistance or take a look at our IT ServicesManaged IT Services and Procurement to see how we can help your organisation.

Effective audio visual solutions are vital in ensuring that there is seamless internal and external corporate communication, whether it be local or international. Our solutions allow connections to remote offices or employees, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency

Maintaining data backups can be a challenge, and many offices don’t have a guaranteed backup and disaster procedure. If you forget to swap your tapes, if you aren’t testing your backups, if your server dies, or if you don’t have any offsite storage your business is not safe.

Our Internet access solutions are purpose-built to cater for a range of specific business needs, both technically and commercially. This extends from premium dedicated and fully protected Internet bandwidth, to pay-as-you go, best-effort services.

Managed IT (IT Outsourcing) focuses on managing the technical solutions you have, rather than designing or problem-solving. You take advantage of our technical experience to save on hardware/software and staffing costs.

Reduce your total document output costs by as much as 40% by allowing us to manage and maintain your print infrastructure. We will also optimise your unique document environment and consolidate and centralise your print infrastructure.

Essentially Unified Communications (UC) means bring together your telephony, video conferencing, and messaging (email and text) so they work together, usually over your IT infrastructure rather than a special proprietary system.

We offer a full range of virtualisation services from planning, design and installation for virtualised IT environments for server and desktop with advice and on-going support.

Reduce telephone costs by up to 60% with our Voice over IP (VoIP) Solution. No interruptions and a simple installation, reducing operating costs and enhancing cash flow.