With VoIP you get the flexibility and cost-savings of a digital phone system, with less fuss, and the benefits of Cloud.

Netstreet Group for VoIP

We can help you save money by reducing your dependence on traditional fixed telephone lines – you can use SIP or the Internet to make calls that are much lower in cost or even free of charge.

VoIP is suitable for all sizes of business from three users upwards. It is a highly scalable solution that eliminates many of the physical components of a traditional telephone system.

What is Hosted VoIP?

Hosted VoIP is essentially a digital phone system where the hardware sits in the cloud. You don’t need to buy expensive proprietary hardware: support, maintenance and line-rental is likely to be much cheaper: and your telephony can be more flexible and reliable.

Who is it for?

Many very large organisations prefer to retain their phone systems on their premises or own the equipment used – the traditional way of doing things. This gives them a sense of control over access and reliability.

For businesses of 3 or more staff though, a hosted telephone system (Hosted VoIP) could be much more advantageous, as well as far more affordable.

We have several options that allow you to choose the best mix of functions and pricing for your organisation.

Benefits of using VoIP?

Pricing and budgeting

Monthly payments may be possible, without an up-front capital purchase, helping cash-flow and budgeting.

You may be able to replace traditional phone lines with SIP lines (Session Initiation Protocol), saving more money on calls.

Reliability and flexibility

Your systems are more resistant to failure – 99.9% uptime – only 6 hours a year downtime. Hardware costs are spread so advanced reliability features are included. It’s also easy to re-route calls in an emergency.

You have greater geographical flexibility – moving offices is easy, as is expansion and mobility. You can move numbers easily and lead-times for changes can be much, much quicker. These systems are fully scalable too – supporting more or fewer locations, or members of staff.

Future proof

As well as the flexibility to be able to adapt to the changes in your business, it’s easy to add new features to hosted telephone systems, so you’re future proofed.


You can choose between connectivity routed over the public Internet, or private connections, offering a balance between cost and security.

No hardware required

You do not need to buy hardware, especially for smaller businesses of around 15 or fewer employees. You use less space and energy. Support and maintenance can be performed remotely. There’s also no vendor lock-in.

Why us Netstreet Group VoiP?

We make life easy for you

We can cut through all the technical jargon and complexity to find the best solution for you from the many options available. We can advise, design, install and configure everything.

Our unique expertise

Uniquely for an IT company, we have a telecoms division, Netstreet Telecom. We have all the necessary skills and expertise needed under one roof to provide and support everything you need – there are no gaps or passing the buck with us.

Monitoring, maintenance and support

We have options for expert support (onsite and unlimited remote service desk) and maintenance. This is a cost effective monthly subscription, and pricing is transparent and up-front. We also monitor your phone system 24×7 to spot potential problems before they affect you.