Education Sector

IT is an integral part of the education system, and essential in any academic institution. Schools, colleges and universities are becoming increasingly reliant on IT for all aspects of the education environment.

Energy Sector

Netstreet Group partners with fuel companies to implement an operational core that reduces costs, optimizes processes and enables constant innovation and flexibility to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry.

Finance Sector

We understand the challenges faced by banking, capital markets, insurance, and market infrastructure institutions. We recognise that leveraging advances in technology is key to addressing both challenges and opportunities in the industry.

Healthcare Sector

Netstreet Group delivers exceptional innovation to the healthcare sector with its remarkable range of solutions. With us, we can provide inventive and customised offerings to your organisation, tailored to meet your very specific needs.

Legal Sector

Netstreet Group is the Pretoria’s leading provider of bespoke cloud and managed IT services to the legal sector, we have law firms that have been relying on our support for longer than a 5 years. We help keep legal IT compliant, secure and innovative.

Mining Sector

We are able to leverage world-class suppliers to provide you with the systems most suited to your company’s specific needs – from end user computing, Enterprise Resource Planning and a host of infrastructure services, to industrial solutions.

Public Sector

We partner with the South African government. Our digital solutions are implemented in a way that focuses on meeting goals and promotes an integrated approach across all levels of government: SAPS, Municipalities, Utilities and State-Owned Companies

Retail Sector

We support you in determining whether your infrastructure is suitable and sufficiently robust to provide the shopping experience that customers expect. With our consulting skills and IT expertise, we’re able to understand your environment and challenges.